New York! New York

There are exciting times ahead for little old me; in 2 days I will be getting on a jet plane leaving for New York City (via Sydney and LA) for the first time since I was 3 months old. 

My impending trip has got me thinking a lot about the wonderful creative city that New York is, the amazing illustrators, designers, musicians and other inventors/makers that have and still do call it home, and the inspiration that it provides to many people that spend time in it. 

In my excitement, I started to look up various illustrations done of New York, and in this search I couldn't help but come across the incredible covers of the New Yorker. I have selected a few of my favourite vintage covers to share here, but there are seemingly endless others to browse through on Pinterest. Enjoy!

February 8 1930
February 12 2938
December 30 1985
June 23 1945
July 13 1946
June 14 1969
July 6 1957
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